In fresh baked baguette or croissant served with choice of potatoes or side salad. Substitute with fresh fruit cup 

Croque Madame

Ham, Swiss cheese, béchamel, topped with poached eggs served on a open face brioche.


Scrambled eggs, ham or bacon, poblano sauce served on croissant or baguette

Enzo's Fave

Oven-roasted chicken with mustard sauce, mushroom, lettuce


with homemade basil mayonnaise

Smoked Salmon Cheese

tomato, green salad, sprout, choice of Brie/Swiss/cream cheese

On the Side

Mixed Green Salad

with toasted almonds

Half Baguette

with jam and butter

Fried Potatoes

Ham, Turkey, Sausage, or Bacon

Two Eggs Any Style

Smoked Salmon

Sliced Avocado

On the Lighter Side 

Parisian Salad

Mixed green salad, tomato, avocado, hard-boiled egg, smoked salmon, topped with green onions and toasted almonds.

The Famous French Onion Soup

Housemade with wine & brandy, crouton & Swiss cheese brulé

Fruit Bowl

Assorted fruit with option to add yogurt and or granola

Children Menu

For our 12 and under friends, we offer a smaller version of crepes and galettes

Ham & Cheddar

Ham and Egg

Cheddar and Tomato

Crêpe Sucre

Crêpe & Nutella

Crêpe Nutella & Banana

Crêpe Strawberry & Banana