Breakfast Menu

Breakfast All Day

Ask your server about our fresh-baked croissants, beignets, and cakes from our bakery.

Frenchie Breakfast

Plain butter croissant or half French baguette served with butter and jam. Coffee or tea and a small glass of fresh squeezed OJ

French Toast

Choice of brioche or plain croissant served with fresh fruits, homemade whipped cream, raspberry coulis, and maple syrup

Peach Stuffed Toast

Topped with candied pecans, served with raspberry coulis, whipped cream, and assorted berries

French Pancake-Crepe

Served with assorted fruits, whipped cream, raspberry coulis, and maple syrup. Add creme anglaise $1.50

French Burritos

Buckwheat rolled thin galette topped with tomato and scallions
Cordon Bleu: ham, chicken, rice, and Swiss cheese topped with poblano or mustard sauce
Rooster: chicken, mushroom, rice, cheddar, and scallions topped with poblano and sour cream
Breakfast Burrito: scrambled eggs, potatoes, Swiss cheese, choice of ham, bacon, sausage, chicken. Choose your sauce: mustard or poblano

Egg Dishes

Served with a side of fried potatoes

Build Your Own Omelet

our omelets are topped with paprika
Choice of cheese: cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, or goat cheese
Add tomato, spinach, mushrooms, onions, scallions
Add chicken, ham, sausage, bacon, avocado
Smoked Salmon
White Egg Omelet
Substitute potatoes for fresh fruits

Morning Star

Scrambled eggs, choice of Swiss or cheddar cheese served with ham on an open face croissant or baguette.


Scrambled eggs, bacon, poblano sauce served on a croissant or baguette

Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Over easy or cheesy Swiss scrambled, tomato, sprout served on croissant or baguette

Croissant or Brioche Benedicte

Two poached eggs on croissant or brioche with ham, spinach, Swiss cheese, topped with Hollandaise sauce

Cocotte Brioches

Two poached eggs nested in a homemade butter brioche. Choice of homemade sauce: poblano, mustard, or hollandaise.
Swiss cheese
Spinach & Swiss
Salmon & Swiss
Crab, asparagus, & Swiss
Chicken, spinach, tomato, Swiss
Mozzarella, tomato, basil


A savory thin buckwheat crêpe (70% buckwheat, 30% white flour)
Ask for gluten-free (100% buckwheat flour)

Try with Kerisac: Apple cider from Brittany. The best beverage with your galette (2% alcohol)

Meat Galettes


egg, mushroom, ham, bacon, tomato, scallion, Swiss cheese


bacon, mushroom, tomato, béchamel, Swiss cheese


béchamel creamy spinach, mushroom, tomato, Swiss cheese

Smoked Sausage

four cheeses with basil, thyme or Provence herbs

Meat Galettes Cont.

Four Cheese

fried potatoes, bacon, onions

Goat Cheese

bacon, tomato, fresh spinach salad topped with a hard-boiled egg

Bacon & Egg

Swiss cheese

Ham & Egg

Swiss cheese

Seafood Galettes

Professor Steve

smoked salmon, brie, mushroom, caramelized onions, capers, fresh spinach

Crab Meat

asparagus, scallion cream

Crab & Smoked Salmon

capers, scallion cream, Swiss cheese


smoked salmon, green salad, scallion cream

Vegetarian Galettes


goat cheese, tomato, pesto


avocado, cream cheese, black olives, tomato, scallions


walnut, honey


Tomato, spinach, mushroom, scallions
Chicken, ham, bacon, sausage, cheese, avocado
Atlantic smoked salmon

Sweet Crepes

(Gluten-Free Available)




Nutella, banana


Nutella, strawberry


banana, strawberry, Nutella


raspberry, strawberry, chocolate ganache, grilled almonds


coconut, banana, chocolate ganache


blueberry, raspberry, honey


banana, blueberry, maple


fresh pear, chocolate ganache, cinnamon apple sauce, grilled almonds

Ile Aux Moines

banana, blueberry, honey


chocolate ganache


lemon, sugar


baked apple caramel, whipped cream


raspberry, whipped cream, grilled almond slices, hint of Grand Marnier flavor

Ask your server about our monthly specials!

You can have a half version of Galettes and crepes for half price + $2.00

Fruits & Yogurt

Large plate of mixed berries with banana


with plain yogurt or granola $9.00

with both

add creme anglaise or raspberry couis


Specialties of the House

Kouign Amann

roll of bread dough with sugar and butter caramelized in the oven

Macaron (gluten-free)